Tips to Improve Your Small Business Website and Marketing Plan

Websites are a vital part of the marketing plan for today’s small businesses. However, too many small business owners get caught up in what the website looks like, in uploading photos and videos, rather than paying attention to the nitty gritty details that will make their website a valuable tool in promoting their business. Here’s a few tips from Bottle Rocket on how to make your website a valuable asset to your small business marketing plan.

Content with keywords: Keywords are the word or phrases help your website get found by the search engines. They are the words or phrases people are using with search engines such as Google to find the things they want. Carefully researched keywords should be an important part of all content, articles and press releases posted on your website.

These will help your website get indexed by the search engines and found by potential customers. Don’t forget that your Dallas Web Design is also very important.

Meta-data: Meta-data are the keywords and descriptions associated with every page of your website. They are not included on the pages clients see but are included in the descriptions of the website pages when found by the search engines. Meta-data and meta-tags should be included for every page of your website.

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The Many Benefits of Responsive Design

If you haven’t already noticed, mobile web usage is growing at an incredible rate. Smartphones have been used for some time to browse the web and tablets are becoming incredibly common around the nation. This is why responsive design has become so popular in the web design industry this year. It provides a website solution that can handle both desktop and mobile needs for any device. If you haven’t heard of or considered upgrading to a responsive design, now is a great time to learn more about it. A company that is great at branding and designs, is It will benefit any website today and going into the future.

The one major thing responsive design gets recognized for is the mobile friendly web browsing solution it provides. This is the major benefit but it also leads to more great things. Responsive design is true to its name. Web designs with this quality detect the screen that they are being displayed on and respond to the dimension. Basically there is a full screen design that rearranges itself to show the website in the best way possible on any screen. For tablets, a three column website might respond and shrink down to a two column site. When displayed on a phone it will likely shrink down to a one column site. It simply makes adjustments to display the website in a highly usable way on any size of device.

This also results in some great SEO benefits. Google and other popular search engines have made it clear that websites that accommodate the user will be rewarded in search rankings. By providing a mobile friendly website solution, you will be viewed as a better option than those that don’t. This means when people use Google on mobile devices, Google will be looking for websites that are mobile friendly. Having a responsive design website will therefore help with mobile SEO rankings. While this might not seem like the biggest deal to some, it really is a big deal. As was previously mentioned, mobile browsing is at an all-time high and the growth isn’t slowing down. This makes being ahead of the game incredibly important.

Now is definitely the time to start looking into upgrading to a responsive design if you have not already. Mobile browsing is here to stay and providing users with a quality mobile solution will result in a better experience for your customers and more visibility on search results. Responsive design is definitely a part of the future of web design.

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How to Choose The Best Web Designing Services

Nobody can deny the fact that websites are influencing the prospect of the business in today’s world considerably. However, you cannot achieve full benefits of a website unless the same is attractive and effective. Not everybody can design and develop such good sites and you need to take the help of a professional to get it done. When you start your searching for a professional web designer, you may come across with many companies claiming to deliver better products. You certainly will end up in confusion over whom to assign the job. You will have to take many things in consideration while assigning the job to a service provider.

• PSD conversion: – The design files will be created in PSD formats usually and it needs to get converted to HTML/ XHTML/HTML5 to create a website. This conversion is a crucial job which may makes or mars the quality of the website as a whole. The professional web developer can convert the PSD file to HTML/XHTML without losing the original charm of the design. A web developer should guarantee pixel perfect design while performing PSD to HTML conversion.

• Along with pixel perfect designing, perfect coding is necessary to make the website more search engine friendly and to enable a fast loading. The web designing service provider should have enough experience and expertise to do the work perfectly.

• PHP programming, UI development, module development etc are other crucial areas where the web development company should be able to provide the best result and should give guarantee that the entire work is as per the quality norms put forth by various international organizations such as W3C.

Now you may feel that it is a bit difficult to identify the right service provider for your website. There is nothing to worry. You can select the right company by following a few steps mentioned below.

• The web development company might have mentioned about their portfolio on their official website. Try to find out the websites developed by them earlier and assess the quality of the same. Assess the unique features they have provided in each of those websites.

• If you can inquire with any of their existing clients, that will be even better.

• Try to have long discussions with the service provider about your exact requirements and find out how fast they understand your needs. When they can follow you easily, you will not have any communication problems in the future. Proper communication is necessary to get the best outcome.

• Inquire about the technical abilities of the service provider and about the technology and the equipment they use. It will be better to go with those who use the latest technology and sophisticated equipment to have better results.

• Ask them clearly about the technical support they are providing.

• Find out whether they have any pay-back policy. Only those with full confidence on their ability can offer to pay back the entire amount if the client is not satisfied with their work.

• Certainly the price is a criterion, but should not give much importance to that as the best things will always be costly.

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