All about Androids in the technological field

Technology has changed the way of living. Today what we do is entirely different from past few years. The touch of technology can be seen from the very beginning of the day. Actually we are surrounded by technology and its blessings. Now it has become so important that you cannot think about a step in this modern world without it. You have to be more advance to cope up with this progress and must evolve your hunger for a better technology. It’s a dawn of a new era; the backbone is technology, and by the progression we can say that it is going to be more admired in the future.

Introduction to Android- In these days mobile and mobile related apps are trend in the market. Mobile apps have developed in these few years. From the beginning mobiles were not that much developed like they are now.  They were very expensive and they do not contain many features. As the years pass by mobiles changed their features and developed them to cope up with the present. Mobiles are depended upon their operating systems. From the beginning there are not many options, and their popularity was not that much high. Day passes by and the scientist discovered newer things to be fitted in the mobile. Now there are many operating systems like java, beta, android and windows. The most famous and successful among these is Android.

Development of Android- Android operating systems have developed in these years of technical evolution. From the beginning they are not like what they are right now. First generation Androids are much better than other options in the market. They can afford much software that one can only imagine. The journey of Android was a beginning now the operating system has become so developed that you can do almost anything. There are several types of this system and they are-

  1. Ginger bread
  2. Ice-cream sandwich
  3. Jelly bean
  4. Kit kat

After generation many technical changes occurred in this and all of them have not only changed the system it also changed the experience of the user.

Demand of Android- The best option is always demanded in the market. Android has the craze in this market. Every day thousand s of android phones are sold in the market. It has the most number of selling in this present market. Technology lovers always want to keep themselves a step ahead and this helps them. Demand of Android phone is increasing day by day and the technicians are working to provide best support.

Benefits from Android- There are so many things which provide the user experience of lifetime. Androids not only give software benefits to the user they gifted another thing which the users are looking for and that is called user friendliness. If it is user friendly then it will attract many customers, thus was the policy of the companies. Now all the companies like Nokia [Microsoft], Samsung, Motorola, Zen, Intex each and every company have their own Android mobiles. These mobiles provide-

  1. Good internet connection
  2. Good software capacity
  3. Good backup memory and RAM
  4. An ability to express various kind of thing very easily.

The security system of this is so much developed. You can lock every software if you want and protect your personal items to be exposed. This has the top security system introduced in the market.

Demerits of Android- These phones have some minus points too. Like they often shows some software related problems if the downloader has downloaded it through unregistered sites. Play store is the only site which provides good quality software for user. Some cheap companies provide Android mobile in very cheap rate. These phones don’t give long term benefit to the user. Often they are reported to be damaged. Some problems like touch related problem, network problem, software problem, battery problem, are regular news for these type mobiles.

Android gives so much option to us that we often do simple things through mobile. These mobile supports many kind of gamming software which make the kids fond of it, and they spend their valuable time after it.

These are the best option available in the market and gaining a good support too. Like every other thing Androids have a good reputation to protect and they are doing their job perfectly.

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