Android – The Technology that sets the bar

Like a chocolate shake taste amazing in your mouth so does an Android device for communication. A mobile operating on an android system is known as android device. Windows operating system may be better than android, but android has outrun windows when it comes to handy mobile devices.

First Launch and acceptance

A device’s programming composed of a key application, a middleware, and an operating system “Android”. In the year 2008, for the very first time, Android was launched by HTC in its device Dream. At the beginning Android wasn’t able to mark its footstep in the market due to the presence of trending mobiles like Apple, Blackberry those days etc.  It was only after 2010 when it gained fame and suppressed other operating systems and 44% of the market was now Android.

It was not that companies didn’t realize the potential of this sensational operating system; they were just hesitant to launch it, as it could be loss bearing experimented. There were many other reasons for the slow investment of companies in Android, main being low sale rate of the system. GOOGLE was a major catalyst in success of Android as it gave away $10 million prizes to encourage developers enormously.

No doubt, the software was at the top of the ladder, but still there existed a need of gadgets for supporting the technology’s key features. Android sales received a tight kick start when Motorola, for the first time, in2009, released the android Verizon network.

Evolution of Android

As the time passed, the technology also progressed and ANDROID 1.6-DONUT, the first evolution in the android technology, the one in which one’s single fingertip could make one search through the internet, was released. Next in line was ANDROID 2.0 – ÉCLAIR, this system made possible customizing the home screens, fit different applications into different home pages, and introduced us to the stunning features of responding live wallpapers. Another step towards excellence came with the launch of third android concept the ANDROID 2.2-FYORO, where the phone was able to respond to the owner’s voice. Features like voice typing were introduced. One more step towards glory and it was the launch of ANDROID 2.3 – GINGERBREAD, where features like motion sensing tapping I games, lifting were introduced. After the GINGERBREAD version, ANDROID 3.0 HONEYCOMB was shaping up for tablets, which could be used for 6.0 inch screen phones now. In 2012 ANDROID 4.0 – ICECREAMSANDWICH was launched the phones became stylish, sleek and beyond smart. With 2013 came another reform in the android tree with ANDROID 4.1 JELLYBEAN which made android smooth fast and sleek with improved graphics. GOOGLE NOW was introduced in mobiles. More than one million apps and thousands of android phones were a part of this android family now. Yet this was not the end. ANDROID 4.4 KITKAT was launched with improved features and a more polished design for the mobile phones. The state-of-the-art ANDROID 5.0-LOLLIPOP is the youngest leaf of the android tree. It’s more than a mobile phone now believing it.

The path of android has not come so long without the contributions of some development companies. Top ten of them being CSS Chopper, Niyati Technologies, AppsChopper, Y Media Labs, Mobisoft Infotech, Fueled, Sourcebits, PixelCaryons, Valuecoders and Nethues Technologies.

Increase in market share

Android now holds 84.6% percent of the global market. In 2014 Strategy Analytics reported 295.2 million smartphones shipments. Android has widened its lead on all other competitors. Second being the Apple and third being blackberry.

Many mobile phone companies have now started trading in android phones only. Noticing the intensive growth of android companies, many other firms have now started investing in this miracle operating system. Some major android seller’s being- Samsung, Micromax, Sony, Lenevo, Xiomi, LG, Lava and many more.

Price ranges

Android phones coming from 50k to 3k, it varies according to the companies.

Few Phenomenal android devices

The galaxy series by Samsung, the Xperia series by Sony consists of some of the phenomenal devices of all times. The Samsung galaxy S4 won many prizes because of its outstanding performance. So did the Xperia Z1. Micromax has now started taking the lead in the Indian market too. Hope this technology, which is beneficial to all the consumers, keeps getting better day and night.

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