Tips to Improve Your Small Business Website and Marketing Plan

Websites are a vital part of the marketing plan for today’s small businesses. However, too many small business owners get caught up in what the website looks like, in uploading photos and videos, rather than paying attention to the nitty-gritty details that will make their website a valuable tool in promoting their business. Here’s a few tips from Bottle Rocket on how to make your website a valuable asset to your small business marketing plan.

Content with keywords: Keywords are the word or phrases help your website get found by the search engines. They are the words or phrases people are using with search engines such as Google to find the things they want. Carefully researched keywords should be an important part of all content, articles and press releases posted on your website.

These will help your website get indexed by the search engines and found by potential customers. Don’t forget that your Dallas Web Design is also very important.
Meta-data: Meta-data are the keywords and descriptions associated with every page of your website. They are not included on the pages clients see but are included in the descriptions of the website pages when found by the search engines. Meta-data and meta-tags should be included for every page of your website.

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